About Groove Diplomacy

Using music to create unity, community, & change

LaFrae Sci

Our definition of groove is – a Groove makes you move!  Movement creates unity, community, and change. Our mission is an empowerment through music. We believe in healing by telling our stories through music and improvisation.

Groove Diplomacy is in part the skill of managing international relations. Groove Diplomacy is a Non – Profit/NGO based in Brooklyn, New York that collaborates internationally with U.S. Embassies, other NGOs, academic institutions and organizations creating musically based projects that empower, engage and give agency to the participants.  Recent projects have focused on female empowerment, entrepreneurship, educational diplomacy, citizenship, cultural celebration, and sustainability.

The founder of Groove Diplomacy LaFrae Sci has traveled the world performing and teaching interactive workshops for musicians and non-musicians using the language and history of Jazz to build cultural bridges and encourage creative expression. LaFrae Sci is Jazz Ambassador to the U.S. State Department (The Rhythm Road: American Music Abroad), International Arts Activist, Educator, Professor at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Ensemble Coach, Composer, Conductor, Drummer.

She has traveled to several locations in 34 countries: Albania, Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa-Rica, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Republic of Korea, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Northern Greece, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Suriname, South Africa, Switzerland, Tunisia, USA.

Groove Diplomacy has a roster of teaching artists as well as a performance units:

Sonic Black, which is rooted in the African American tradition and tours, performs and conducts workshops and master classes teaching about the African-American history, jazz, the blues, and improvisation.

S H U N G I T E, jazz folk fusion band based in Siberia, mix of African-American and Russian Folk music with a unique sound from a combination of folk instruments including balalaika, domra, and accordion with guitar, bass, violin, vocals blended with percussion and electronics.