Music Composition

Film score, afro-sonic, electronic, orchestral, blues, jazz, folk

Groove Diplomacy Founder and Artistic Director LaFrae believes in the power of music to tell a story, to convey emotion, and to create evocative atmospheres. She welcomes opportunities to compose for film, television, and across media. She is able to write for any instrument, and her creative range spans immersive and ambisonic music, blues, jazz, classical and orchestral music, various ethnomusicological traditions, rock, pop, hip-hop, and electronic music. 

But The Transfiguration of Benjamin Banneker remains cohesive throughout, tied together by a lovingly handmade aesthetic and the unifying underscore created by LaFrae Sci…. LaFrae Sci’s music is not only the backdrop of this show — working with Soul Tigers Marching Band, it often steps into the role of a major character. It welcomes the audience into the theatre, it tells parts of the story. The very use of a marching band blurs the line between musical performance and dance.

Alithea Howes. The Transfiguration Of Benjamin Banneker – La MaMa, New York City – The Reviews Hub

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