Musicians clear the way for new adventures in sound.
Jazz Folk Fusion blast – emphatic, innovative and enjoyable.

Shungite is grounding, healing, powerful and only found in Siberia.
The shungite stone carries the energy of the earth, and S H U N G I T E the band carries a fusion of musical energy from around the world including the blues, Russian folk, jazz, hip-hop, funk, afro-beat, house music, and rock.

“I knew I wanted to build a band that was different and filled with energy. I wanted every song to stand out and be crammed with joy.” says LaFrae.

S H U N G I T E is an offshoot from the 6-year Youth Big Band collaboration between LaFrae Sci / Groove Diplomacy and the Ivanov Radkevich College in Krasnoyarsk Siberia. Over the last 6 years, LaFrae has taught jazz improvisation, theory, and written and arranged 3 major jazz orchestral presentations with the students including The Master and Margarita Meet Jazz, Time Traveler Suite, and ENERGY.

S H U N G I T E derives its unique band sound from a combination of folk instruments including the Russian balalaika, domra, and accordion with guitar, bass, violin, vocals blended with percussion and electronics.

S H U N G I T E – Folk Fusion (arr. by LaFrae Sci)